Wip libarary

Hi all,

i got some error when using wip functions
i m using “wip_netInitOpts” , “wip_bearerOpen”
i have included therir respective header file also but still it giving error

appli.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _wip_netInitOpts
appli.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol wip_bearerOpen

what does it mean
am going some where wrong while making project

please tell me

thank you

Header files simply tell the Compiler not to worry that the function isn’t actually defined in the current source file; they promise the Compiler that the function be will provided from some other source external to the current source file - usually another source file, or a Library.

So the compiler accepts this promise, and generates an Object file that requires these functions to be provided externally.

It is the Linker’s job to fulfil the promise…

Those are Linker errors - hence the “LNK” prefix.

The Linker is telling you that the Object file appli.obj requires these functions to be provided externally, but it (the Linker) cannot find anything to fulfil that requirement.

This presumably means that you haven’t correctly configured your application to include the actual WIP Libraries - you need to check using the Project Wizard.

thanks awneil,

i solved this problem by writing wmscript while making project

i want to ask u somthng abt wind signals

is there any wind signal to understand that network is now available
like if +WIND:8 means network lost like this.

actually i m using WIP libs for TCP/IP Client and there are chances to break link
bcoz of nework failure in this case i need to again reopen TCP/IP socket and for that i need
to initialise somewhere.

currently my procedure of this start after getting msg ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT

and one more thng is can i get this signal every time when network goes down and again come up
oe when SIM is again inserted.


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