WIP - Handle new IP

Hello all! Just curious how some of you handle an IP update from the network with WIP. I initially start the wip bearer when I have a CREG of 1 or 5 and the sim is initialized. I monitor CGREG for a drop of the GPRS connection, but when I get an IP update from our network, I will recieve an WIP_BEV_IP_DISCONNECTED, but the GPRS connection remains intact (CGREG remains at 1 or 5). I currently handle this by starting a timer that rechecks CREG and the sim (basically the same as I handle a gprs drop) and if both are good, restart the wip process (I do this when I recieve a WIP_BEV_STOPPED event when I stop the bearer and after I close it). Is there a better way? What exactly does the WIP_BOPT_RESTART do? The docs says “Automatically restart server after connection is terminated”, but what do they mean by server? Are they referring to the bearer, or are the referring to a TCP connection where the module is acting as the server, or PPP…?

EDIT*I guess it doesn’t make any sense for it to refer to anything socket related.