WIP Documentation - Errors & Omissions


(That important note was missing from the v2.00 document)

For HTTP at least, What it doesn’t tell you is that you must keep calling it until you get the zero return value - otherwise you might not get the WIP_PEER_CLOSE event to tell you that the message body is complete!


This appears to be wrong: it just returns WIP_CERR_NOT_SUPPORTED in this case - and I note that this sentence has been removed in the v3 document…


The HTML sample in the WIP Development Guide only illustrates a simple GET; there needs to be at least another example showing a POST and the handling of sending both headers and a body…

Preferably, each available method would be illustrated - GET, HEAD, POST, and PUT.



It also holds for FTP downloads.

So, it is a “feature” common to all WIP applications.


Which one(s)?


Those performed with the WIP FTP Client functions to get files from a remote FTP server.
What else could be?