FTP: wip_shutdown or wip_close for data channel


The wip_shudown() function is used to signal the end of the file.

But I also read somewhere else :
For instance, when we want to send data to a conn will call wip_putFile(), which will return a data transfer channel. This channel will receive events related to the file transfer:
1/ WIP_CEV_OPEN when it is ready to receive data
2/ WIP_CEV_WRITE, if it went through an overflow of data to send, then becomes available again to send more data
3/ WIP_CEV_ERROR in case of underlying protocol error
It will also support wip_write(), so that the application can actually send the data which represent the file contents; finally, wip_close() will free the data transfer channel, and signal that the whole file has been written.

  1. I’d like to know the difference between the two functions.
  2. Does wip_shudown(data_chan, TRUE, TRUE) make any sence in the case of ftp data channel (the flow only goes write or read, not both) ?
  3. Is there any point of using wip_shudown() instead of wip_close() ? If there is, should it only be used when a file has been sent successfully or even in case of WIP_CEV_ERROR ?

Thanks in advance