HTTP POST chunked transfer termination

I’m sending HTTP POST message with wip_getFileOpts. Everything looks ok, but I can’t figure it out how to signal end of data. When using HTTP “Transfer-Encoding: chunked” data termination notification is “\r\n0\r\n\r\n” by standard.
What is proper way of doing it in WIP?

I’ve unsuccessfully tried following:

  • sending zero bytes with wip_write (result: nothing happens)
  • manually send termination data (result: data has also been encoded as chunk - prefixed with data length…)
  • closing data channel (result: termination data is not automatically sent. Also closing channel while I expecting response from Server is not an option)

Module: SL6087
OS: 6.52
WIP: 5.56
FW: 7.52

It seems that I didn’t read documentation well…
From doc:
“The wip_shutdown function is used on a request channel to signal the end of the message body.”


Yeah, you have to use the wip_shutdown() function to close the WRITE channel (only) once you have finished sending your HTTP data.

Make sure that you don’t close the READ channel at the same time, or you will never receive any data back from your server…

ciao, Dave