[WIP 2.00.01] wip_HTTPClientCreate utilisation


Does somebody use the function wip_HTTPClientCreate ?
I just discovered it in WIP 2.00.01 API but does not find any information how to use it … .any idea ???

     Thanks !


The http client functions are described in the “WIP_Development_Guide.pdf” on chapter 9. There is also an example on how to use it on chapter 12.6. I have used this, and it seems to work, allthough I cannot read the options with wip_getOpts.

Eventually I want to use the POST method to send some data and a file to a website. In haven’t found out how to do this with the WIP_httpclient yet. So I’m wondering to if other’s allready have some experience with this client.



Thanks for your answer … It seems that I don’t havethe correct version of this development guide !!!
Which version of Open AT do you use ? I’m cururrently working with the 4.10beta07.


I use OpenAT 3.12B05 now. This is the OpenAT version needed for the Q2406B which I use.

For me the quide was installed in:
C:\OpenAT\Plug-ins\WIP\2.00.05\doc, and it’s dated 29 august 2006.


I have been trying to use both this command ( wip_HTTPClientCreate ) and the one with options, but neither return anything other than 0 ( fail ). If someone has had any luck with this can they please let me know. Thanks. :confused: