Windows MC7700 how to change to use serial?

Good day everyone,

I’m in need of some advice I have a windows SBC with a MC7700 card installed. I’m trying to be able to send SMS’S through code using AT Commands.

However, I’m not able to change the module to make use of a serial port. Is this even possible if so does anyone know perhaps how would be greatly appreciated.

If not what would you reccomend

you can see here:

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Thank you for your help, tried a few of the options however, could not get any to really work as I was having trouble running a form off Linux on the SBC(Single-Board-Computer) to attempt to change the modes. Although after a few deletes, resets and re-installs the SBC seemed to picked up the serial ports however, have a few new problems.

If you were to have time here is the link for my new post otherwise have a great day!
Link: Windows MC7700, Cellular APN Settings and sending SMS using C#