Windows drivers for EM7565


I seem to have a weird hardware version of the EM7565. After attempting to install various versions of Windows drivers for this card, none actually clear the alerts in Device Manager that there is no driver found.

I noticed the Device ID for them is USB\VID_1199&PID_90C3&REV_0006&MI_00. This is not present in any of the driver .inf files packaged in the download.

I’m suspecting this is some kind of pre-production or engineering sample, since it came with a pre-production ThinkPad that also had an engineering sample CPU. Does anyone know where I can find the proper drivers for it?



Well, great; I used the NVUPDATE command and did a reset. Now it seems to be bricked, not even the QDLoader port or any unrecognized devices appear in Device Manager.


No sure if you are using the industrial version of EM7565 or one that came with your thinkpad. The normal drivers for the EM7565 are given at the link below.

If it came with your Think pad you need to ask Lenovo about it.