Windows 7 Location API


We’re using Windows 7’s location API to get a position from our MC8355. It often doesn’t work – the position isn’t available, but the GPS has a fix (shown in the GPS Monitor). To test that, we use the weather gadget (available from the desktop gallery). Sometimes a shutdown can fix the problem, sometimes leaving the unit idle for an entire day can help also… We are not able to find a recipe to make it working every time.

Is anyone having the same issue? Any idea?

Thank you!



Can you please provide the AT command logs used at your end.




I’m not directly using the AT command interface, we’re just using the play button in the GPS Monitor of the AirCard Watcher. Do you want me to try some AT commands? Can it make a difference? Since we can get a fix, I thought the issue was at a higher level.

Also, can we see what AT commands are sent by the GPS monitor?