Window7 PC connect to development kit SL8082 using PPP

Hi everyone,

Anyone can advice me on PPP connection using sample code tcpserver and i have configure as shown

#define PPP_BEARER “UART1” on cfg_uart_server.c

#define OVER_UART_PPP_SERV on appli.c

a) I want to use direct RS232 serial cable to connect to UART com port.
what type of serial cable i need to use?
null modem cable or straight cable?
null modem without handshaking?
null modem with partial handshaking?
null modem with full handshaking?

b) any thing to take note when connect via UART serial port

I have successful using USB-Sierra wireless AT Command PORT (UMTS) to dial up internet and tcpserver sample. it work prefect fine but UART1 is alway no response. i able to send AT command via UART without any problem.

thank you,


You can use straight cable…

regarding the PPP on UART 1… i’ll test it at my end and update you…
Just for information… is it SL8082T? and which FW?
or is it SL8082 with virualizer?

Hi alex,

thank you for response and help. I using SL8082T with firmware version

Just for some update, I manage to test out with straight cable and confirm on linux ubuntu desktop 12.04LTS in vmware yesterday. It work fine on ubuntu but not working on fedora / window7.

i will try out on window 7 with ppp connection again.

Thank you,