Will support adl_odOpen function to SL8082BTA?

This function is not supported on AirPrime SL8080T, SL8082T, SL8084T, and Q2698 embedded
modules. So will support this function adl_odOpen to SL8082BTA? If not supported how will open DF_USB_CLID and DF_UART_CLID.

No this is not/will not be supported by any of the 3G devices, the OS is just too divorced from the hardware to be able to do it. There is now way to replace this function.



How to open USB and UART3 to SL8082BTA?

Is it like this?
// adl_OpenDevice : deprecated function
#define adl_OpenDevice adl_odOpen

handle = adl_OpenDevice ( DF_USB_CLID, &settings );