Which menuconfig options are enabled in a prebuilt linux distribution (R 16.3)

How can I find out which kernel modules are enabled in the pre-built linux distribution on R 16.3 ? Specifically I would like to know what filesystem options were enabled and what were disabled. I am not finding ext2/3/4 support in R 16.3 release which has linux kernel 3.18.40 version. Can I get pre built linux kernel modules as well from Sierra ?

did you check

You can also check in menuconfig:

Yes, in /proc/filesystems I do not find ext2, ext3 and ext4 but I am using pre-built linux districution from Sierra. I want to know what menuconfig options are enabled in the pre-built distribution.

you can download the yocto source code and check by menuconfig:

# cd yocto
# make dev
build_bin# bitbake linux-quic -c menuconfig

Can you please elaborate what is linux-quic ?

I don’t know what is that, i only know it works for the menuconfig