Which commands do have influence on AT+CEER result code?



I could not figure out which commands will set or modify the GSM result code you can read with AT+CEER…

I know for sure that ATD will do, and I read that SMS commands +CMGS, +CMGD, … also will affect the result code.

Does anybody know what commands can have an influence? I suppose AT+ADC, AT+CCLK, and the like should not change the value, right?

I would be interested in a complete list. Does anybody have an idea which commands do affect the result code?

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I think, that CEER response only contains cause code from last call failure or release. SMS commands should return CMS errors.


Thank you for your answer.

It seems that nobody at wavecom is able to answer that question with more certainty, so I guess I won’t use the command for the time being.

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