where may i find firmware 657f00gg.Q24PL002 FOR Q24PLUS ?

or where can i find how to develop my Q24PLUS ?

or the development guide ?

to use M2M STUDIO or some what ?

i want to make the TCP client , and when u set the configure to the TCP client, the power on or off , the terminal will be Automatically established a connection with the remote.

i am a fresh person …thanks for help me .

Please find the tool, doc and firmware below:

For TCP client, you may make use of WIP AT or WIP Lib.

Hope it helps.

now the problem is my compier(M2M studio) firmware not as same as my Q24PL firmware, the programem will be work ?

my M2M studio: 657e00gg

my Q24PL: 657F00GG.Q24PL002……

Ideally, we should use identical version for both SDK and FW to avoid incompability.

Are you downloading the SDK from the link I provided? There are two version, which one you downloaded and installed?


i am downloading the " Sierra Wireless Open AT SDK V 3.20 ", may it be worked ?. i will try ,thanks a lot.