where can i get Q24 plus firmware

Hi, i’m looking for 657e09gg.Q24PL001 firmware but i don’t know where to get it.
How can i get this firmware?

Hope you can help me.
Thank you

This has been obsolete for very many years indeed :question:

You could try speaking very nicely to your local distributor…

I have two Q24PL001 device. One of them, has the firmware what i need. (657e09gg.Q24PL001)
Can i extract the firmware what i need from the one who has it, and then, download it in the other device?

Thank you and sorry for my English


Unfortunately, no you can’t download the firmware from one module and upload it to another.

As awneil said, your only chance is to speak nicely to your distributor.

Ciao, Dave

I guess google might find something on some archive site somewhere…


I’ve seen lots of these being sold as ‘new’ on ebay. As they haven’t been produced by SiWi for a long time, I suspect (but can’t prove) that some (most) of them are clones and are not going to be supported by SiWi.

And, with the winding back of some 2g networks around the world, they may not be worth investing a lot of time in anyway.

Ciao, Dave

Seconded :exclamation:

Thank you for all.
Finally I found the firmware I needed.

Would you mind share it with me ?! :smiley:

Hey my friend could you help me , i am becoming crazy looking for that firmware q24pl001,could you tell me where did you find it? could you send me a link to download it and how to install it?
i appreciate a lot your help