where can i find the development documentations?

hi everyone

on the internet (some pages of universities) and on the business network i found documents for a Airprime SL6087 like
-Open AT IP Connectivity Development Guide
which describes what functions the WIP library (for the language c) delivers (and how to use them)
-ADL User Guide
which describes the functions and so on which (for the language c) are avaiable in the Open AT environment

the WIP page says that i shall select my modul in the support center and then i will find it there…
well, i can see the Open AT AT-Command documentation, but what happend to the other files? :open_mouth:

on the one hand it would be kinda untrustworthy to write in the documentation that my sources are some pdf files i found somewhere else on the internet, even if theyve done a good job… beside the question how long those files will be on those servers…
on the other hand it would be cool to know where to look for future releases.


Did you log-in with the user and password on the Sierra Wireless website ?
It is different from the forum one.
You would see all the documentation on the web site if you have logged in correctly .

it is different from the login for this forum? :open_mouth:

the login for this forum works fine on the side for me. To me it seems that theres only one account for the sierrawireless.com system. At least the register page looks exactly the same and the urls differ only in an .aspx at the end…

if i log me out with that login im using i dont get the side where i can download a couple of things but instead i get “If not yet logged in, please log in to see all applicable documentation, software downloads and drivers.”

so aehm… im kinda confused now, but i think im logged in.

ok…got your point now…I usually refer the guides which are provided
with Software Suite Installer. If you have installed the software suite ,you would have the ADL and WIP guides in it.

so they have no extra page for those documentations?


There is a separate section for Application notes, but usually documents like the ADL User and WIP guide are present in the SDK package.

Also, have a look at the developer zone we are currently building up (still in beta): developer.sierrawireless.com/

Feedback welcome!