When to send CCED command for full response?

Hi, I am trying to retrieve information relating to surrounding cell towers. I execute the AT+CCED=0,16,1 command and have noticed the following…

If I call it after the bearer is attached and I am connected to my server, then I do not get complete information for the neighbouring cells, i.e. RxLevels and TA fields are empty.
If I call the command from Dev Studio while the mode is in idle and does not have the bearer attached etc, then I get all the information I want (as below)…

+CCED: 234,10,3ee2,4eb0,55,104,,,,255,,,0,31,31,5,234,10,3ee2,27a0,41,123,26,21,21,5,234,10,3ee2,5c62,38,106,19,14,14,5,234,10,3ee2,75c0,31,102,13,8,8,5,1,0,8,2

So I thought I would call CCED before I attach my bearer. So I start up and wait for network registration. Once registered I sent the CCED command, but then I only get very minimal information relating to the neighbouring cells (as below).

2014/04/01;12:50:42:920;001;ADL;1;WEB: ModemDetails = +CCED: 234,10,3ee2,4eb0,55,104,,,,255,,,0,38,38,5,234,10,3ee2,,41,123,27,22,22,5,0,0,,,,,,,,,0,0,,,,,,,,,1,,,

So it seems that there must be a optimum time to call the command to get all the information? Is that true? I suspect it is after we have network registration and before attaching the bearer. But clearly not just after network registration?

Does anyone have any idea what I need to wait for, or when the best time to send the command is?

Thanks in advance.


The documentation does list (at least some) conditions under which various elements are unavailable…