+CCED=0,16 on Q2406B/6.57/3.12 - trouble


First, has anyone used AT+CCED=0,16 with the mentioned module at all?
In application or straight on it as a modem.

My experience with it:
No application:
AT+CCED=0,16 -> wait for response
AT+CSQ -> response takes ages to come and have a that’s usually not 0

AT+CSQ -> response takes normal time

In application:
After AT+CCED=0,16 has been used once (with AT+CCED=0,1 and AT+CCED=0,2 following that), random crashes that I haven’t been able to pin down to any specific moment.

Without the AT+CCED=0,16, all other things the same, no random crashes.

Anyone know if this is a known problem? Fixed in upcoming firmware/sdk?
6.57 and 6.57c firmware tested, application compiled under 3.12.


The In application crashes looks like it wasn’t CCED’s fault, but the No application problem persists.
(When using indices to point to positions in an array, it’s a good thing to use the right index variable <.<) :imp: