what modem will do for bring up IP connection?


I trying observe the dial up procedure of LTE modem when test with LTE emulator.
I see modem connect to eNB after power on (MAC layer UP).
At this moment, I do not input any AT command yet.
Then, I start sniffer frames on LTE emulator and input AT command to bring up IP connection to LTE emulator.
The ppp0 appear on device with a IP assigned by LTE emulator.
But I do not see any related frames.

Have anyone know what modem will do to bring up IP layer after receive AT commands?
Or where I can find related documents or information?


Ricky :question:

Which module are you using? also which firmware version?


Hi, Alex,

I tried some modules like MC7710, MC7354, MC7304 …
I can’t confirm its firmware version since I have not the module now.
But I saw the same behavior on all of them so I think it should be a normal condition.
Just don’t know how they did it.