What is the correct Legato framework for FX30?


I have found two different ways of getting the source, toolchain, and Legato framework for the FX30:

  1. The source page here:
  2. The SPM tool (https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/legato_spm/) using the command:
    legato-spm -s http://updatesite.sierrawireless.com/packages/Legato/fx30-wp85-R14.0.4.002 -i -m “FX30(WP85XX)” -k pdk.64

The source code seems to be the same. I’m not sure about the toolchain (how can i tell the toolchain version?).
The Legato framework is different between the two sources. The biggest difference i see is the framework downloaded by the SPM tool has an additional “targetDefs.fx30_wp85”. Which one of these two sources is correct?


Hi @jrm06c

Yes they’re the same components.
As you noticed, the difference is that the legato-spm flavor contains additional modifications that enables the “fx30_wp85” target to be used with mkapp/mksys tools (this was an initial requirement of Developer Studio IDE, which uses the same packages).


So the difference is just for mkapp/mksys and the IDE? I’m building a custom image with yocto and command line tools. Should i be using the one with the fx30_wp85 target or does it matter in my case? Does it hurt to use one or the other? If not, then i’d rather use whichever one is more capable, even if it is just for the IDE.

Also, how can i tell what my toolchain version is? Do the two different sources provided the same toolchain?I’ve used the one from the source page, but I installed over top of the one from SPM. I’d like to query the toolchain’s version to make sure the replacement was successful.


Hi @jrm06c

This additional fx30_wp85 target may not be maintained in future releases, so I would advise to stick to the source distribution. But Normally you can use either one or the other with same results.

Unfortunately, once deployed in /opt, there is no way to query the toolchain version.
The 2 different sources are providing the same toolchain (because the legato-spm is basically built by integrating the source distribution)

Very soon we’ll have a new packaging and install solution where toolchains are installed in user land, in separated and versioned directories.


Okay, thanks.

Any idea when the new package and installation solution will be released? In particular, will the new sdk for the WP7702 with FX30 use it? I see there’s a release scheduled for Q2 of this year:


Hi @jrm06c

Both Legato team and FX30 team are working together to make sure this will happen for the Q2 release (I’m personally on it at the moment).