What is Minimum Embedded Application Code request contains

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      Can any body tell me concepts in Wavecom Open AT ADL Guide that i am not able to understand. like 

1.Minimum Embedded Application code, It is an 32-bit array (u32 wm_apmCustomStack[] ). How can i use this array in my application. Currently i am using Q24CL001 Wavecom GSM Module in VC++ editor, I am designing the 3-Phase,4-Wire Static Trivector meter.

2.How can i use these 2 mandatory variables wm_apmCustomStack and wm_apmCustomStackSize

Can anybody please expline

You can not use these variables!

They are defining a stack that is required for the C compiler. When you define functions containing local variables, then those will use memory of the stack. Also the return addresses when calling a function will be placed on the stack.

The concept of a stack is not Wavecom specific. It is a general concept underlying pretty much all programming languages. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_stack

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