What are the advantages of using QMI over AT commands?

What are the advantages of using QMI over AT commands?

Some information can only obtained in qmi interface.

Please provide some examples. My application is using plain AT interface.

Can I use both AT interface and QMI together?

I remember some more lte parameter can be obtained in qmi.
Yes, you can use both channel


So with regards advantages.

  • You don’t need to parse a lot of AT strings which can easily change between firmware.
  • In theory it is more transportable across different Qualcomm based modems, although QMI is proprietary to Qualcomm.
  • As jyijyi has said some information such as QoS information is only available through the QMI interface.
  • Its programmatic meaning software engineers are far happier dealing with it than AT commands as they just have to use structures and API calls.

There are a lot of other basic advantages.

One point to note is that the world has started to move more towards MBIM as a standard interface across all OS/devices because Win10 natively supports it now, it is on a par with QMI in terms of functionality and there is an open source Linux client, which again is getting up to the same standard as the QMI one. The adoption of this interface protocol means everyone (including QC) only has to maintain a single protocol over all devices and OS’s making life easier for everyone.



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