What are my options for recovering lost login password for root on WP7502


It s my first experience in working with these wonderful systems. However due to to my lack of experience in handling these stuff I have been stuck here for a while now! What are my option in regards to retrive my password for ssh root login ? Im using mangOH with WP7502. Thanks in advance!


Hi, my probleme is same, but with wp7702 on mangoH Red.

I tried with Developer Studio Legato recovery wizard. After success flashing, I can not enter via SSH, password is required at login and the blank password is not good for it. As I remember blank pw is the default for root.

Can anyone help us?



For you, did you set the password and then forgot it?

Both of you, probably the better forum for this is the one below as it is more of a legato question than WP.




For the record, solution has been posted onto the legato forum.




Sorry my bad,

Thanks for replying @mlw
To @tamas_karl_kern_hu

Yeah as @mlw suggested I did use swiflash tool which basically erases everything on the WP7502 and make it works like its just out of the box. It is only ment for linux based system and that to considering only some of the lattest stable releases. It doesnt take long to do this however getting the required dependecies and firmware setup is bit hectic.

This directory gives the resources as well as proceedure for using swiflash

so in general the tool required is swiflash

the command required to perform this operation is

swiflash -m WP750X -r

//note: adjust as per your config and check wheater your device is compatible for this operation by using “swiflash --help in this under -m you can find compatible device’s name”


If you have lost your password then it became a bit difficult to recover it or in simple words, there are very fewer options. If you are on Thunderbird email account and lost your password then you can only get it from here Thunderbird Email Support otherwise it is difficult to recover your lost login password.