Weird behavior of EM7565 with Windows 10

Currently at my project there are multiple EM7565 with SKU1103 and 1104 working without any problems with Windows 10 20H2. However, before ordering the next bunch of EM7565 modules in order to extend a rollout I received a SKU 1104 test device which behaves quite differently to all of the other modules. These are the differences:

  • The PnP device id is different. When getting the PnPDeviceId with a powershell script the current modules have a USB\VID_1199&PID_9091&MI_08… The new test device gives USB\VID_1199&PID_9091&MI_0c…
  • For the wwan network device a Microsoft device driver is in charge for the test device. The current operating devices use the Sierrea Wireless device driver for the wwan network device. Tested with the newest Sierra driver.
  • When running the “Get-Netadapter” powershell scriptlet the test device gives a bunch (more than 15) cell broadband devices, all of name “EM7565” and status “not present”. Only one “EM7565” is listed with the correct state (disconnected, connected), etc.

Does anybody know the reason for this? Is there a potential impact on the operational qualities of the test device? I just want to be sure before ordering a bunch of additional devices. Other than that the test device appears to work without any issues using the standard Windows 10 UI.

Thank you for your ideas.

This is an RMNET (aka QMI) function (USB interface number 8)

And this is an MBIM function (USB interface number 12)

You can easily switch between these persistent modes. See the documentaton of AT!USBCOMP in the AT command reference.