Has anyone tried to make a webserver? My need is simple, I would like to remotely set settings via a web page.

There’s one provided with Open AT Lua, including active server pages, an AJAX plugin etc.:


Of course, lots of people have made webservers!

A webserver in Open-AT would be conceptually no different from a webserver on any other embedded platform - and there are plenty of examples of those all over the web!
You could start with codesearch.google.com

Maybe you could just work straight from the HTTP specs:

Or try the Lua one.

You mean a web page that’s embedded on the Wavecom device?

Don’t forget that this will require a Public IP address…

Unless you’re using a VPN solution…

You might like to read this:

THnx for all the reponses, I will work through it. The idea is exactly the same as for adsl modems… I want to log in and be able to set settings on the unit and retrieve the status of the unit.

Again, remember that this will require a Public IP address…

Barracuda’s embedded web server happens to also be Lua-based. The rationales behind are quite obvious: in an embedded device you mainly want to do CGI, very little static pages serving, and writing CGI in C is challenging, to say the least. So you can either:

  • strip down Python/TCL to the point of near-unusability, to make them embeddable;
  • or go with a port of Scheme, if you think that your users won’t run away scared by Lisp’s syntax;
  • or use Lua, which is simultaneously powerful (its semantics is very close to Scheme’s), user-friendly and embeddable.