Wavecom Memory Space Limitation


i made an application in open at…it is based on tcp/ip utility…my reception buffer is an array of size 25000 of type u8…i.e u8 buffer[25,000]…i want to increase this buffer size… but I am unable to do so due to memory bottle necks…as i increase it up to 30,000 i get following error in trace view…
“ADL Get memory error…
====================RTK STATUS START============================
====================RTK STATUS END============================”
…and if i increase it up to 35000…the following error occurs…
so i m finding the array size limitation of 25000.my application size is of around 90KB now…but when it was only 60 to 70 KB,this array size limitation was of 60000 and in that case first error occurred when i increased the size upto 90000 and second one came when size was increased up to 100000.
So according to my analysis, program space and data space are being affected by each other.I’m unable to resolve this issue.so looking forward for a subtle help.Anticipating for an urgent response.


All systems, obviously, have a finite limit on the about of memory available - determined by the size(s) of the actual memory chip(s) fitted.

Developer Studio will show you the sizes of available physical memory.

The ADL User Guide tells you how much of this is available to an Open-AT application, and how this is used by an application.

I’m not aware of any specific limit on the size of an individual object (eg, an array). It’s far more likely to be the way that you’re doing it…