[Q2687] How to overpass 1MB RAM limitation?

I am porting an application on a Q2687.
The RAM limition for my application on this target is 1MB, but, due to memory fragmentation, I get the “adl momory allocation error” as soon as i use more of 550KB of RAM.
I would need just 100KB more.
Is there any way to change this limit of 1MB ?
What can I do to make it work ?
Thank you.

Target : Q2687 RD, firware version 7.46.

Are you sure it’s due to fragmentation?

Have you used adl_memGetInfo to see just how much Heap memory is available?

There is to my knowledge no way of smashing the limitation within the module itself, so if you’re running out of RAM you essentially only have one option if you want to continue using Q2687 and OpenAT:
Rework your program so that it doesn’t need as much RAM.

I can’t be sure it’s due to fragmentation, but I don’t see what else it could be.

adl_memGetInfo returned this :
MemInfo.TotalSize 1048576
MemInfo.StackSize 90112
MemInfo.HeapSize 922360
MemInfo.GlobalSize 36104

I guess my only option is to continue to reduce used RAM