Watcher for Windows CE


Hi, All!

Is there any simple utility, similar to the Watcher.exe, allowing you to verify the installation MC8790, establish a connection for Windows CE?



There is no utility as such other than watcher to detect the installation of MC8790, establish a connection for Windows CE.

Can you please explain what is the use case of installing MC8790 on Windows CE. Why do you want a utility other than watcher? Is it because of some memory space constraint issue or something else? Can you please give a brief description.



Perhaps I was not clear myself, my English is not very good.

I want to use watcher.exe, but can’t, because in the SDK it is only for x86, I need to ARM for Windows CE. So I ask any other similar utility, or the same watcher.exe but for Windows CE



Have you got the release package for Windows CE SDK?

“Watcher.exe” is not available for Windows CE platform but there are several sample applications (both source and executable) in Sample Code folder, they show you how the API and basic function works and interact with MC8790 module.

I believe they are good enough for you to test and verify the installation, you can also base on the source code to develop your own watcher and not start from scratch.

Kindly try them out and have fun.