MC9090 drivers

I have an MC9090 / mini card dev kit MCDK6145 setup. I have installed the watcher software (R3.1.0.40 Build 2350) on Windows 10, but the watcher software can’t recognize the MC9090 as a device. The MC9090 shows up in my devices list in the device manager, but it says the drivers haven’t been installed. I have tried uninstalling the devices through the device manager and using “reinstall drivers” from the watcher software menu, but it still says no device detected. The website is completely unhelpful; when you follow the link ( to get drivers, it takes you to the home page. The source page for the MC9090 does not have any “drivers” per se, nor the watcher software. Am I missing something? Could someone please point me to the page where you can download everything needed to install for the MC9090?

Hi redfoxbluefox,

Watcher software does not comes with USB driver.
Please try driver for MC series below:

By the way, on Windows 10, maybe you don’t need Watcher but the Windows 10 built in connectivity.
Otherwise, please try the latest version available below:

Hope it helps.