Watch Dog



Is there any way to stop or reset the Watch Dog timer on Q24 or Q26?
Is there any Yield() function so that we can give back control to the OS?

Did anyone wrot something like SetJump() LongJump() for ARM , can it work ?

My code is too complex in order to cut it in peaces and I am very annoyed with this watch dog …



I think that’s a fault with your code - not a reason to blame the watchdog!

Why is it so “complex”?

If your code is so unwieldy that it’s blowing the watchdog, it probably needs some serious redesign! :open_mouth:

What platform did you design it for?



My code works fine with the Boost option for 100Mhz on Q26, Open AT 4.11 but there is no such thing on Q2406 and I need it on Q2406 - Open AT 3.12

I am actualy implementing SSL V3, with 2048 RSA Key, I can not verify the signature in 5s in Q24. I just need few more secondes…



Have you seen: … hlight=ssl


Yes I did but I am unable to find this beta version.
Do you know if it is for Q2406 or Q2686 ???



Hi Sladjan…

I can understand your point about the watchdog… I had the same with the signature check it takes too long and the watchdog is blowing up!! but it’s not so surpising to have this happenning on the Q24 as you have 6 MIPS remaining in GPRS for the Open AT Application and on Q26 26 Mhz you have ~16MIPS in GPRS and on Q26 104MHz you have 70MIPS!!! so in deed you might be experiencing an issue.

More over the watchdog is reset by the IDLE task on the platform this means that there’s no way for the OPEn AT Application to reset it…

When I talked to WM about the Watchdog they say they can create specific E²P files for watchdog deactivation for dev purposes but then they will NEVER state the the product works fine… so now I’m just waiting for the SSL delivery from them…


I know there’s some alphas out there so ask WM you might be more successful than me…


Yes, exactly,

My SSL works very good on Q26, for Q24 I will have to split things like square root calculation but it is very big job.

I almost made it work with setjmp() longjmp() but I have memory leaks.

I would give anything to get that version that deactivates the watch dog !!!

I ask question all over the world and for now the answer is:
On Q24 there will never be SSL.
On Q26 they are expecting first version in the begining of the next year.



perhaps a tick of a timer will help

Can you design the code so that as your code is running, you set some global variables, flags etc. After so many steps of the function, instead of continuing on, you create a timer of 1 tick of the clock. After 1 tick it will go to the timer handler where you can then call your “complex” function again. Which, as you have set flags etc it will start from where you left off.