Enabling the watchdog


I am trying to modify my program so that if in 10 mins I dont get a tcp packet the device will restart.

Todo so I am trying to use the watchdog.
I am trying to use the adl_wdActiceAppWd and adl_wdRearmAppWd.
Is this right?

Anyway adl_wdActiceAppWd returns the not supported error code.
What should I do in order to ativate it?



What firmware/dev environment are you using?

Also, check that the watchdog service is activated on your particular modem - use AT+WCFM=5 and decode the result as per the +WCFM section in the AT commands manual.

If you can’t get the watchdog to work, you can do it yourself by using a timer set to time-out in 10 minutes, and restart the timer each time you get a TCP packet. If the timer fires (times out), call AT+CFUN=1 in the timer handler to reboot the modem.

ciao, Dave

Thank you for your reply dave.

Well I talked with the retailer and he will take care of the watchdog activation.

So I am waiting for him now.

For now what I want to know is wheter the functions adl_wdActiceAppWd and adl_wdRearmAppWd are the one that I need.
I just want to make sure I dont do the activation process for nothing.

Thank you,