VS code with Legato error "Couldn't find file 'le_audio.api'"

Hi all,
We have started development using VS code with Legato.
Instalement seem to be successful, but we encountered the following error and Legato window became blank.

/home/temaeda/myWorkspace/leaf-data/wp76_4.0.3/wp76-legato/components/audio/Component.cdef:5:8: error: * Couldn’t find file ‘le_audio.api’.

I’d appreciate advices to solve it.


Hi temaedashop2,

You can find file ‘le_audio.api’ in interfaces.

mkapp -t wp76xx modemDemo.adef -i /home/user/legato/leaf-data/wp76_4.0.3/wp76-legato/interfaces/

Hi, Donald,
Thank you for your comment.
Yes, I know the location of ‘le_audio.api’.
I don’t know the reason of the error.
We have just installed the VS code with Legato plug-in and have done some setups.
Then the error occurred and the Legato window became blank.
I think I might have done some mistakes in the installation.
I might have broken some files.
Are there any method to reset all the installed files to the initial state?
For example, I don’t know the method to uninstall the installed swi related files from Legato window of VS code.

Hi temaedashop2,

You can click “Remove” profile swi to uninstall the installed swi related files from the Legato window of VS code.

Please refer to below link for how to install the Legato Plugin for VSCode.

Thank you for the advice.
I’ve already done the remove procedure but the result was the same.

Our ubuntu was Japanese localization.
To avoid the future instability, we have newly prepared the original English ubuntu and have installed Legato and other necessary applications.
The system seems to be working fine so far.
Thanks again for your support.