Voice call and audio streams


my goal is to start a voice call and, when connected, play a predefined sound file and redirect incoming audio, if any.

I’m using a MC8775V connected via USB.

I can establish the connection sending “ATD123;” command, the phone on the other side rings, the card correctly detects when the call gets answered, but after that nothing happens.

Is there a way to send audio data to the card via USB? Is it possible to receive incoming voice stream?




You can try using open AT application with ADL audio service .

For more details refer to ADL User Guide.



Thank you for your reply.
Yes, that’s an option, but I have to develop a PC-based app, and so I would prefer, if possible, not to write any embedded software.
In any case, after writing my embedded app that somehow sends and receives voice files using ADL audio services, I have to interface it from my PC-based app, and the problem of sending/receiving files from the PC to my embedded app is still there.
In short: can it be done using AT commands and the DM port?
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