audio stream

Hi, I am trying to pass audio stream to current call but I found that:

3.29.9 Audio stream The adl_audioStreamPlay Function
Reserved for Future Use.

(ADL User Guide for Open AT® OS v4.21)

Does this mean I can only record incoming RX audio?

Yes it will be possible in the future versions of Open AT. You would be able to record and also play a pre-recorded audio sequences

What is the alternate mechanism to play an audio clip received over GPRS in absence of this API? Do I need to integrate a sound cards?

How does audio stream of a voice call get played on the speakers?


What speakers?

check wavecom_open_at_software_suite_2.0_beta_version_09. There’s already full audio stream interface. And also there’s a sample application: “PCM record & play”

Hi everyone,

I am new wavecom developer and have a Q24Plus wavecom module that I wish to capture and playback audio.

Now I know that the Q24Plus has no codec but the brochure promoting the Open AT 2.0 IDE, Open AT Software Suite 2.0 Flyer.pdf has a diagram implying (or I think it implies) that an audio stream can be implemented on the New Q24 Adaption series.

I would appreciate if any one has any comments on whether or not the Q24Plus can capture and playback audio?

Thank you in advance,


Hi again,

Please ignore my last post. I didn’t read the fine print on my Q24Plus.

It says “Supported Codecs (FR/EFR/AMR ) (HR as option), VDA2 C” on the specs sheet.



Do you any have idea how to get the audio samples in to the wave com module(Q2686)…
I have external mike, i want to connect that to q2686 and need to get the sample of audio when ever i need…


Read the Q26 documentation (Technical spec, design guides, etc) for details of hardware connections; and see the devkit schematics for an example!

Already I have the evalution board for the q2686, How to track the o/p of the MIC2N, MIC2P pins and get the digitized values in to the wavecom module…
thanks in advance