Viewing Time Series data on AirVantage

So I created a Legato app to push time series records to AirVantage But how do I actually use this data or graph it or whatever when I try to make a single Value widget it doesn’t show up? Can anyone enlighten me how do I interact with this data? I can only view it as a LWM2M communication like in the image below


Its just three ints and a string for the time (Not Time when record was created)

Ok so turns out you need to define a path first

#define PATH "le_appname.node1.node2.var1
#define PATH2 "le_appname.node1.node2.var2

This defines a Path to your resource
Next: start a session then call to set an int value of 0 to PATH and 10 to PATH2
le_avdata_CreateResource(PATH, LE_AVDATA_ACCESS_VARIABLE);
le_avdata_SetInt(PATH, 0);
le_avdata_CreateResource(PATH, LE_AVDATA_ACCESS_VARIABLE);
le_avdata_SetInt(PATH2, 10);

Now you can create a record and set the value like below
LE_WARN_IF(le_avdata_RecordInt(recRef, PATH, value, utcMilliSec));
now when you call
le_avdata_PushRecord(recRef, PushCallbackHandler, NULL);
It will pushed to air vantage with the path above where and make sure your app name is the same as app name

Now you need to create an xml doc call and then zip with your .update file for your app then post this to the developer section as a release -> then publish the app
add the following to (you can use the default as a reference)

After you do this when you add a combo chart you can search your app name and it will let you plot data

This was difficult to figure out as the documentation is all out of date and av-pack does not even work but basically you need to create the app model and a resource with the same paths and nodes+assets then upload it and airvantage will be able to parse your incoming data