Uploading Asset Data example to air vantage

In the Mangoh Green/ Legato / Aisrvantage assetData example, found https://doc.airvantage.net/av/howto/hardware/samples/legato-asset-data/ It states to pack the application in order to upload to airvantage using the command


This command does ‘-f’ does not seem to be recognised in the latest version of legato. I’m wondering if this has changed recently, and how to package an app to upload to air vantage.


The post is related to legato , we have a separate forum for legato.
Please ask your query on this forumhttp://forum.legato.io/ .

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This tutorial describes how to develop a Legato application to exchange data with AirVantage. The following use cases are covered: Sending data such as sensor values from a Legato application to AirVantage; Sending commands or applying settings from AirVantage to a Legato application.