VBUS as signal or supply for HL Series

In datasheets for HL7519 and HL7549, VBUS is described as a Supply for USB interface

While in HL8548, VBUS is also described as a supply

but an additional comment state it as a detection input

Could you please confirm that VBUS is only a sense input for HL8548?
Is it the same thing for HL7549? Or is it a really a supply (USB standard allows both configurations).

I intend to use a socket and build a solution compatible for all these parts.

Isn’t it like USB-VBUS can we used for both purpose :confused:


Yes, it can be used for both purpose.
But I need to perform a Y connection to provide signal from two locations.
So I nedd to know wheter this is a signal, or if it can be used as a supply also (1µA or 100mA ==> not the same thing)