V4.6.8.0 sending /r/n twice after CONNECT

Before with firmware BHL7800-M. and HL7800-M.4.4.17, there was only single new line character with CONNECT message after we send KHTTPGET command, AT command interface guide rev 14 mention same but we are getting two new line characters with CONNECT message after updating LTE module firmware to v4.6.8.0, is it expected behavior with new firmware or will it be fixed in new release?


Hi farrukh.h,

It is a known issue on firmware HL7800 version Sierra is aware of this issue.
I will let you know once I get any updates.

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So I have not explicitly tested it but assuming you are right and this is seen on 4.6.8 then it is probably going to be the behavior going forward and is unlikely to change (just to set expectations).