V24-V25 Commands


In my OpenAT Application i am executing the following V24-V25 AT commands.

Every time when Power on: ICF,IFC,IPR with &W for saving configuration changes.

During Application Running: I am changing the baud rate (every 15 seconds) with IPR without &w.

Whether my device is having any limitation or write cycles for number of times changing the configurations.

Please advise

I am asking for EEPROM endurance :frowning:


The ADL user guide indicates that the endurance of the configuration flash area provided to the OpenAT application is approximately 100,000 erase/write cycles.

Now I’m not sure that the &W command stores the configuration in the same area - but I would think that it’s a pretty fair guess that it probably does.

In my experience, standard EEPROM tends to have an endurance to between 10,000 and 100,000 erase/write cycles - so this might let you do some calculations…

ciao, Dave

For specific technical specifications like that, you should really be talking to your Distributor or Wavecom FAE…


When I wanted to know, I did ask my Distributor - they didn’t know and couldn’t get a useful response out of Wavecom at the time.

I (not the FAE) eventually found the little bit in the ADL guide…the distributor was most interested in the reference!

ciao, Dave