Using UART1 for PPP and UART 2 for AT commands

When not running an OpenAT application can you send AT commands to both UARTs on a Q24plus?
I have always assumed that you can, but have not been able to try it because I don’t have a set up that connects to both UARTs on the connector.
What I would like to be able to do is plug a Q24plus into a PCB that has a USB to serial chip on it and gives you 2 USB serial ports, one for the data connection and once for checking the signal quality and sending/receiving SMS - all without using multiplexing (AT+CMUX). Does anyone know if anyone makes something like this?
Does the USB IESM let you do this?


You - can also do it when an Open-AT application is running! :smiley:
(unless, of course, the application puts the UART into Data mode, or something)

However, note that UART2 is disabled by default; you have to enable from UART1 - so it might be better to use UART1 as your “control” port, and UART2 for the “data” connection?

The USB IESM gives you access to both UART2 and the USB port - and you can also send AT commands on the USB port! :smiley:
This effectively gives you three UARTs…

The same applies about enabling the USB port…

That is true, but I do not really think there is IESM to Q24PL. IESM is extension card for Fastrack Supreme series

Actually, I wrote that - not charlesoram


I only mentioned it because charlesoram asked about it…

Sorry, that’s my very begining in quotation :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your replies.
Yes, I meant the fastrack Supreme when I was asking about the USB IESM.

  • Charles

And you do realise that the Fastrack Supreme is a Q26 inside - not a Q24?