Q2686 Uart's in V24 mode

Being trying to use both uarts of the Q2686 module in V24 mode from AT application, the following command fails (get no response from module), any ideas would be appreciated - cheers Danny.
adl_atCmdCreate(“AT+WMFM=0,1,2”,FALSE,GetGsmResponse, “*”,NULL,NULL);

Hello [color=blue]dannydgza

I do not have had the privilege to work with the Q2486 module yet but here’s my reflections on your question/forum-entry:

Your parameters say “=0,1,2”, doesn’t that mean: manage active ports, activate and USB port?
I thought you wanted both V24 ports (UART1 and UART2) active and not USB port?

What happens when you send the command from the serial V24 (UART1) interface? What result codes do you get?


I think somewhere between x50a and x51 they have changed the numbering of ports for the AT+WMFM command. “1” is now UART1, “2” is UART2, and “3” is USB. I wonder why they did that…


Hi, thanks for the replies, I’ve since got confirmation from Wavecom that uart2 not yet ready on the the current Q2686 OS. Port Id’s have changed according to latest documnents Uart1-1;uart2-2;usb-3;dynamic port-4.

Cheers, Danny