Using Custom DNS IP address with RC7620 or RC7620-1

Hello Community,

I need some help in understanding whether it is possible to configure the RC7620 or RC7620-1 modem to use a custom DNS IP address instead of the one that is allocated dynamically. So far I have tried the following GPRS connection configurations and they all result in the error +CME ERROR: 932 which means the format of a parameter is invalid:

I made sure to observe the following rules:
an active PDP context must have include the following +KCNXCFG configurations:
· must be consistent with +CGDCONT <PDP_type>, and
· must be identical to +CGDCONT or must be set to the empty

If I use the following configuration without specifying the DNS IP, I get no error:

this issue has been reported internally.

you can contact distributor to track the progress.