Using adl_regGetHWData ()

I am trying to get registry data using the adl registry service function :
adl_regGetHWData ( ascii * Label, void * Data );
Problem is that I do not find documentation about the possible labels. My reseller could not answer. My purpose is to retrieve the CPU serial number. Does anyone know the string i should put into “Label”?

MAny thanks.


The easiest way to get the serial number is to use AT commands (AT+WMSN for serial number, or AT+CGSN for the IMEI). Use adl_atCmdSend, and subscribe to the response.

As for the registry, if you look in some of the service api’s, eg TCU service, you will see “Capabilities Registry Information”]. These are the lables you can use. Not all services define registry entries, as far as I can see!


Sorry to be late in answering, thanks Tom for your answer, Indeed this is what I have done. Ii thought it would be a lot more “Nice” doing this directly with a function from the Open At API instead of going through the AT parser.


Yeah, unfortunately there are still a lot of areas of OpenAT that require AT commands! Just a skill you have to get good at, I guess :slight_smile:

And no sign of any interest from SiWi in changing this - see: New Features - Complete API

I have extracted these from the ADL user guide and put the detail in the attached document.

Capabilities Registry Information.pdf (40.7 KB)

Document updated to version 2.

Includes registry information that was documented in the ADL User Guide for Open AT OS OS 6.36 but inadvertently missed when compiling the document.
Capabilities Registry Information v2.pdf (50.7 KB)