Enabling network registration with AT+CREG=1 and adl_atCmdSe

I tell my SL8082T to enable network registration like so:
adl_atCmdSend(“AT+CREG=1”, (adl_atRspHandler_t) cmd_RspHandler_CREG, “*”, NULL );

When I manually request the network registration status:
I get:
+CREG: 0,1
Instead of the expected +CREG: 1,1

It seems as if my atCmdSend is not being executed successfully, though this function call returns ‘OK’.
What’s wrong here?

As far as I can tell, you are using the function correctly. Couple of questions:

  • Does the handler cmd_RspHandler_CREG get called? Is the response ID equal to ADL_STR_OK?
  • What happens when you manually type “AT+CREG=1”. Is the status of “AT+CREG?” the one you expect?