Understanding adl_reg API's


I want to explore the platform registry API’s more. Where can I find all the ‘Label’ name and description definitions. The header file only hints with ‘Hardware_info_label’ and I can’t find any more detail in the documentation set.

Also, is/could the api be extended with Set operation e.g. adl_regSetXXXXX, as this would make a great way to store system app info. Otherwise I’d have to use A&D or flash API’s.



I’m also interested in the adl_reg API. I have a lot of code written for SDPOS (http://www.sdpos.org) and I try to build a VM to be able to run the SDPOS kernel on top of OpenAT OS, instead of porting my code to a native OpenAT application.
If someone at SW is reading this and could enlight me…