USB Port on GR64 not working


Hi all,

I tried to connect the GR64 to PC USB using pins on Application port of the Development board. But my PC didn’t detect any USB device. My plan is to develop a product which can be configured using laptops and today’s laptops don’t have inbuilt serial port. Because of this my product must be able to configured using USB port to work with those laptops. On the GR64 AT command manual in section 10.3 describe the USB

But when I tried to configure the module using AT command AT*USB=1,2 to accept AT commands from primary UART1 and USB as well. This returned an error.

Please let me know how to get the module to accept AT commands from USB port as well as primary UART

This is the output from primary UART
*USB: (0-1)


From the AT command help on the module says it accepts only one parameter. This is in conflict with what AT command manual says.
Please help me with this