Usb_modeswitch for EM9191

Hi All,

I am trying to build a code that gets triggered only for the EM9191. Currently, I am plugging it into udev and triggering the script when the PID and VID matches. I think the VID wouldn’t match if modeswitch didn’t happen. In the syslog as well I am not seeing the usb_modeswitch. Wanted to confirm if EM9191 require usb_modeswitch ?


Hi kevinblue839,

You don’t need usb_modeswitch. You can use AT!USBCOMP command to set USB interface, AT!USBPID command to set USB product IDs, AT!USBVID command to set USB vendor ID on EM9191. To execute the above commands you need to unlock the password AT!ENTERCND="A710"

Please refer to page 43,44 in AirPrime EM919x/EM7690 AT Command Reference for more details.

usb_modeswitch is not required for the EM919x, or any other recent mPCI/M.2 module. Recent modules immediately appear with their regular USB interface composition.