EM9190: No response for AT!USBCOMP? command

Hi there,

We are using EM9190 module with the MPBL driver.
We were able to get responses from the module for the commands like AT, AT+cpin?, AT!ENTERCND=“dummy_pwd”

But we are not getting any response for the AT!USBCOMP? command, what could be the issue?


How about at!usbcomp=?

How about other command like at!gstatus?

Which firmware are you using?

No response for both the at!usbcomp=? and at!gtatus? commands.
I tried getting the firmware version using both at+gmr and ati command, getting no reponse either.


Can you test in another usb port /dev/ttyUSB1?

Can you test in windows pc?

Both windows and Linux are unable to detect the module.
But the module is getting detected in our custom board in /dev/ttyUSB1 port. We were sending AT commands from our application running in custom board.

p.s we are using m2. to usb adapter with the module.

there should be two USB ports enumerated, /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB1.

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hey @jyijyi

Thanks for that input. Now my module gets detected in Windows after PCIe_DIS signal is pulled up in M2. adapter.
Referred this : EM9191 module not recognized on Linux/Win10 host computer - #5 by stefanbruens

I’m able to get the firmware version and the output for the commands I mentioned earlier.

And yes, two USB ports were enumerated.