hi everyone,

I want to try this sample on CDC EEM ACM AUDIO on SL8082T to understand how it work on usb ethernet . I encounter one error when i try to do “AT+WMFM=0,1,3” as shown below.

• +CME ERROR: 3 if the USB stack failed to start.

Does it mean SL8082T do not support CDC stack mode yet? any solution or advice?

Thank you in advance

SL808xT actually based on CDC/ACM by default, the USB driver (for Windows Desktop OS) required comes with OASiS installation.

You don’t really need this sample code to run CDC.

CDC/ACM - Indeed, enabled by default on SL808xT.

CDC/EEM (USB Ethernet) - Not supported on SL808xT.

Thank you lotam and sushil :slight_smile:

I am interest to understand more on USB CDC EEM. How about SL6087? can it support CDC EEM?

Yes, it is supported on 2G variants, e.g. SL6087 and Q2687.

Thank you lotam,

It work on SL6087 with this sample code. I have successful connect to internet using CDC EEM on ubuntu. :slight_smile:

( But does not work on window 7-64bit after install swieemcomposite.inf driver )

I am using sierra MC 8090 Modem.i want to capture audio(voice call) data over USB
How to do the same? any idea