Unsolicited serial data to IP address and port

I have researched the ALEOS forum as well as the GX440 forum and tried for days to figure out how to do this. Please help. I’m sure your device can do it but I can’t figure out the correct way.


  1. Have Sierra Wireless GX440 cell modem – works great
  2. Have a Fisher Floboss flow computer connected to the serial port of the GX440.

I can request data and get data back from the Floboss device with no problem. That works correctly and reliably. The Fisher Floboss device has the ability to send out data from the device if a value gets out of range. Thus, what I require is the ability to route ‘unsolicited’ serial data from the Floboss through the modem back to an IP address and port.

I have done this many times with other devices such as Lantronix.

Is this possible. If so; how?

Thank you for your support.

Best Regards,


Hi Steve,

I can try to help. We do a lot of unsolicited serial talking in our group. We use a GX450 so I’m not sure the difference between the two but we’ll give it a shot.

In ACEManager under the Serial tab there are configuration options.
There’s quite a few options here. Have you tried to change any of these? Respond back with what you did and I can try to help you from there.